Side Lofted Garden Sheds 

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The Side Lofted Garden Shed is beautifully designed A-Frame with a 72" wide double door, 2- 2x3 windows installed on the side, and 7'9" Tall walls to help with your small and large storage needs (8' wide models come standard with 6'3" walls) .  The floor is structured on a notched treated 4x6 skid runners to better stabilize and support the 16" on center treated 2x6 floor joist, topped with 3/4" flooring.  A diamond plate kick panel is installed at the bottom of a 72" wide door edge and heavy duty security latches secure the top and bottom of the second double door.  The walls are studded 16" on center.  The exterior walls can be covered with 50-year LP Smart Siding (paint or 10-year "No Fade" urethane finish), metal, or vinyl in a selection of colors.  Two air vents are installed for circulation and temperature control.  The Trusses are joined with metal truss plates to insure a more stable roof.  The Side Lofted Garden Shed has 1 or 2 lofts ranging from 4' to 8' depending on the size.  The roof is covered in your choice of shingles or 40 year metal in a variety of colors.  Due to the small stature of the 8' wide buildings 2x4 floor joists and a single door are used.


  Vinyl (Only)

Side Lofted Garden Shed 10x16


  • Roof - 40-Year Metal - Black

  • 50-year LP Siding - Painted - Taupe #3

  • Trim - Painted - White #2

  • 72" Double Door

  • 2- 2'x3' Windows

  • 2- 4' Lofts

  • 4x6" Treated & Notched Skid Runners

  • 2x6" Treated Floor Joists

  • 3/4" Tongue & Groove 50-Year Advantech Flooring

  • Diamond Plate Kick Panel

  • 16" On Center Studs

  • 2 - Metal Vents

  • Price Sold

 Sold But Can Build Another 

Custom Accessories now moves and levels sheds.

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