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Twenty years ago we opened a bedliner shop in a building that my dad owned in Laurel Hill, NC.  We had no idea at the time that this first step would lead to two of the longest running bedliner shops in the nation.  We offered not only bedliners at this location but we grew into Truck Accessories.  After only 3 years I opened our second location in Albemarle.  Shortly after opening our second location we had Serious Disagreements with our primary supplier, Rhino Linings, and we made the change to Reflex Bedliners.  This was the best decision that we made, as we were able to give our customers a superior product with fewer application problems.  Our customers who have had both tell us they would NOT go back.  

Fifteen years ago we started installing Emergency Equipment and developed a reputation as the shop to go to for EXPERT PROFESSIONAL installation. 

Recently our Laurel Hill location has branched out into Promotional Products while in Albemarle I started offering Buildings and Carports.  We expect to operate these business with the same Customer Care & Professionalism as we have operated our other business. Let me Prove how much I want your business.

Terry and Tom


This site is under construction and we are      continually adding items.  If there is                something you don't see please call for          pricing. 704-986-2427                                             

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