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This site is under construction and we  are continually adding items.  If there  is something you don't see please call  for pricing. 704-986-0222                           

Commercial Buildings

Commercial Grade Buildings

     Commercial Grade Buildings from Custom Accessories are some of the strongest buildings in the market and at a price nobody can beat. This buildings range for 32' Wide up to 60' wide standard sizes but we can design buildings up to 80' wide clear span (all buildings 62' wide and above require site specifics drawings and must be purchased separate, this buildings are built per order basis) This buildings can be used basically for anything you can think of, Stores, Workshops, Warehouses and any and all commercial uses you can think of. All of these buildings are built per order basis and all of them come with their own engineered drawings.  For a small fee you can get personalized drawing for your job with any certification you need.  Certifications range from 105mph to 170mph wind loads and 35psf up to 90psf snow load, so you can be confident you will get a building that is built to last and it gives you peace of mind.  Custom Accessories also offer many add on options which includes Garage Doors from 6x6 up to 18x14 (not available in all states).  We also offer 2 kinds of insulation, 1/2" bubble insulation and 2" fiberglass insulation. Give us a call anytime to ask about all of the options and designs available.  If you don't see what you are looking for, we can custom design just about anything.  If you have a truss design that you prefer more, please send us your design and let us manufacture it for you.


- Truss Spacing 10' on Center or less.
- Concrete anchors included.
- All trusses and leg trusses are professionally welded.
- 29ga and 26ga Galvalume Steel Panels depending on                 certification.
- Certified 130mph Wind / 35psf Snow Load.
- 13 Colors to choose from, mix and match at no additional         cost.
- 90 Day workmanship warranty on all Buildings.
- 14ga 2 1/2"x 2 1/2" Galvanized Steel.
- 20 Year warranty on rust throughout the frame.
- Free Delivery and Installation on level surface.
- Double Webbing Legs on all of our buildings for added               stability.
- Sides and Ends pricing includes vertical siding.

Sample Commercial Monster Web 2.jpg
Sample Commercial Monster Web 1.jpg


- Personalized engineered drawings.
- Certifications up to 170mph Wind Loads and up to 90psf Snow Load.
- 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" 12ga Galvanized Steel. (included in some certifications)
- 26ga Galvalume Steel Panels. (included in some certifications)
- Garage Doors from 6x6 up to 18x14.
- 1/2" Bubble Insulation.
- 2" Fiberglass Insulation.
- Custom Designs available upon request.

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