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The Kid's Playhouse is a beautifully designed Playhouse with a door in the front and the rear.  It has three 18"x24" windows with screens and a 4' porch included in the overall length of the Playhouse.  The floor is structured on a notched treated 4x6 skid runners to better stabilize and support the 16" on center treated floor joist, topped with 3/4" flooring.  The exterior walls can be covered with LP Smart Siding (paint or 10-year "No Fade" urethane finish).  Two air vents are installed for circulation and temperature control.  The Trusses are joined with metal truss plates and topped with 7/16″ OSB Sheathing to insure a more stable roof.  The roof is covered in your choice of shingles or 40 year metal in a variety of colors.


Custom Accessories now moves and levels sheds.

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Mule (4)
Mule (4)


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Mule (3)

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Mule (4)


 Sold But Can Build Another 

Utility 10x12


  • Roof - 40-Year Metal - Green

  • 50-year LP Siding - Urethane - Mahogany

  • Trim - Painted - Almond #5

  • 72" Double Door

  • 7'9" Tall Walls

  • 4x6" Treated & Notched Skid Runners

  • 2x6" Treated Floor Joists

  • 3/4" Tongue & Groove 50-Year Advantech Flooring

  • Diamond Plate Kick Panel

  • 16" On Center Studs

  • 2 - Metal Vents

  • Price $2,911.70

 Not Actual Product